Dynamos v Exiles, Lloyds Register Sports Ground, Dulwich, 1 July 2001

Dynamos struggle with Watts.

Usual behaviour: Exiles lose the toss get asked to bat, rack up 250+ then restrict the opposition to much less than that. Solid contributions by most of the batsman, the keeper and some all-rounders including a sparkling 63 batting at 10 for Pete Watts. Lionel Strick made his debut and discovered latent cricketing skills that surprised everyone and probably even himself. The resemblence to Alan Mullaly is remarkable too. Rorick Coleman is unrecognisable from the pokey batsman of last season and goes from strength to strength. Tony Brook continues to make hay while the sun shines. Steve Parsons made another classy cameo, upping the run rate by working the ball into the gaps for one or hitting it to the boundary. A batting line-up that batted as well at the bottom as the top and middle!

Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 K Hobley Caught Griffiths 16
J Neal Caught Griffiths 2
S O'Connor Run Out 22
T Brook Caught Williams 42
S Little Caught Williams 13
S Parsons Caught Mohammed 20
R Anderson Caught Meeton 0
L Strick Caught Mohammed 28
R Coleman lbw Harris 32
Pete Watts lbw Harris 63
P Shorrock Not Out 5
     Extras  16
 Total  35 Overs for 6 wickets 259

The Dynamos bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Harris 8 1 52 2
Griffiths 8 0 40 2
Mohammed 8 1 35 2
Williams 8 0 74 2
Meeton 7 0 55 1

The Dynamos never generated enough juice in their reply, Shorrock and Watts kept the rate well below the 6.5 needed from the start and by the time the excitable Parsons had a bowl the pressure was very much on the batsmen. Heinman coped best with the conditions but seemed satisfied to have a good knock rather than fail in attempting to score quickly enough. "Hired gun" Mohammed was seen leaving the ground not long after Parsons had him caught. I think he could see where this game was headed. Part time bowler Kevin Hobley managed to pick up a couple of wickets. Rob Anderson bowled with venom but no luck attempting to purge his earlier duck. Lionel Strick was the surprise find, his accurate medium pace removing Heinman on 82 and Griffiths shortly after. With no way out of the equation as the rate-required mounted The Exiles were still putting in some commited fielding, even the old guys were bending their backs and putting in the strides. Only Steve Little who was a little hung-over let a howler through his legs for four-that shut him up momentarily! When Watts and Shorrock returned at the death it was really mission impossible. Bradbury and Harris fell from cosecutive deliveries in Shorrock's last over, the second to a dramatic-dying swan-catch at mid-on by famous mime-artist Steve Parsons (stage name Steve Cannon- and he's about as mobile as the TV detective too). Unfortunately Shorrock fluffed his second bite at a hat-trick this season with a leg side full toss that went to the boundary. The field was still spread when Watts bowled the last over with 80+ needed but the last wicket was an irrelevance and everyone was glad to get into a dry shirt and a wet glass. Six for six now as the Exiles juggernaut gathers momentum for next week's Saturday clash with the old firm the Strongroom. Should be a good one if the thunderstorms stay away.

The Dynamos innings:

 Batsman How Out Runs
R Williams Bowled P Watts 8
Mohammed Ct S Parsons 12
S Heinman Bowled L Strick 82
Clarke Ct Parsons 30
Green Ct Hobley 22
Steele-Perkins Bowled Hobley 8
Meeton Not Out 16
Griffiths Ct L Strick 4
Bradbury Bowled Shorrock 0
Harris Ct Parsons P Shorrock 0
Standen Not Out 1
     Extras  5
 Total for 9 wickets (40 Overs) 181

Exiles Bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
P Shorrock 8 4 14 2
P Watts 7 1 25 1
S Parsons 8 1 48 2
R Anderson 6 0 24 0
K Hobley 6 0 50 2
L Strick 5 1 16 2

Next week brings the "Old Firm" clash against The Strongroom.

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