Exiles v Dynamos, Honor Oak 11 June 2000

Dynamos put blind faith in a lame man but Exiles win through...

The Dynamos fielded with 10 men and made a reasonable fist of restricting the Exiles to 177 all out when a season first 200+ looked attainable at 80 for 2 at the halfway mark. Tony had his first respectable score of the season and began to resemble his old self before professional coaching had rendered him almost runless. It was a spiteful wicket early on with a lot of lateral movement so it was a surprise when a full toss dragged on to the stumps brought his downfall. Steve Dupreez sparkled briefly again but Wayne Holder in his first match back was the star of the batting, his 51 head and shoulders above anything else the Exiles could muster although Faisal's quickfire 23 including the obligatory straight six was worthy of mention. The remaining order swung the bat a bit and most managed to contribute but fine catching chipped away at the batting and prevented the acceleration that should have come against the weaker bowlers.

Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 T Brook Bowled Turner 16
S Dupreez  Caught Turner 9
W Holder Bowled M Bloxham 51
F Ansari Caught Griffith 23
N Khan Bowled M Bloxham  7
 M Saunders Bowled Harris 8
S Little Caught Meeton 10
E Usman Bowled Williams 9
W Khan Caught Harris 18
P Shorrock Stumped Meeton 5
V Khatri  Not Out 0
 Total  ALL OUT 177
 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Turner 8 2 29 2
Meeton 7 0 32 2
Griffith 8 1 39 1
Bloxham 8 0 29 2
Harris 7.1 1 22 2
Williams 1 0  ? 1

After some horse trading between the Captains it was agreed that an injured Dynamo who had been spectator in the first half be allowed to bat with a runner, despite carrying the injury into the game. Waseem may have begun to regret his generosity as the same left-hander (who shall have to remain as anonymous for now as his teammates-none of whom were copied into our book) hit him out of the attack with some scorching drives and firm clips through square leg. Effie at the other end managed to keep the number two quiet but still the scoring rate was well ahead of that required. Not until Paul Shorrock was brought into the attack did the wonder wounded Dynamo give a chance, edging a slower ball through the vacant second slip for 4, vacated the previous ball to strengthen the legside for some reason not clear to the bowler. To add insult to injury the remaining slip then went into the outfield next ball which was too much for the normally long suffering bowler who had a heated discussion with his Captain about where he thought this dangerman's wicket might be taken. Angry and fired up his next two balls were in at the ribs of the hobbled Dynamo who unconvincingly pulled them both high on the splice just short of Steve Little, buried away as usual at deepish square leg the better to watch the rest of the Exiles play some Cricket. His third was fast pitched up and swung back into york the mystery left-hander. the bowler failed to see the bails removed and called the batsman back thinking he was walking for a dropped catch by the keeper, but the "edge" was the ball just clipping off stump. After that turning point Shorrock got his slips back and control was regained even though one of the Dynamos went on to complete a 50 they were never again ahead of the rate. A second spell by Effie firmly nailed the lid on, his only wicket coming from his worst ball, a full toss clipped to Wayne Holder at mid-off. Young Vishal Khatri, fresh from his GCSEs had a long and improving spell picking up two wickets. When Naem Khan was brought back into the attack a "pep talk" by Effie berating him for bowling short and wide had the necessary effect and earned Naem another haul of wickets all clean bowled if I remember correctly (again the scorebook doesn't aid my memory). By the final over Waseem had enough confidence to give Martin Saunders his first dart for The Exiles, what with 40 runs needed and the last pair at the wicket! It took just two balls for Martin to pick up his first Exiles wicket and wrap the game up. Exiles win by 37 runs.

The Dynamos innings: (to be completed)


Exiles Bowling figures: (to be completed)

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
W Khan   0   0
E Usman 8 4 6 1
N Khan 8 0 26 4
P Shorrock 8 3 26 2
F Ansari   0   0
V Khatri   0 21 2
M Saunders 0.2 0 2 1

Next week our fellow Honor Oak tenants The Pretenders, cancelled because of lack of opposition, then cancelled again once an opposition had been found because too many Exiles had made new plans in the few hours between. A terribly wasted opportunity in the context of so many games lost already this season.

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