Exiles Fixtures 2002

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h 28th Scandinavian Wanderers (rain stopped play-No result)



a 5th Free

h 12th New Barbarian Weasels (won by 187 runs)

a 19th Luddites (won by 117 runs)

h 26th Dynamos (cancelled-rain)



a 2nd Royal College of Science (won by 99 runs)

h 9th Occasionals (rain stopped play-No result)

a 16th Nuxley(won by 52 runs)

h 23th Royal College of Science (won by 6 wickets)

a 30th Free



a 7th Occasionals (won by 30 runs)

h 14th Nuxley (won by 85 runs)

a 21st Free

h 28th The Old Antelopians (Match Tied!)



a 4th Scandinavian Wanderers (cancelled, waterlogged pitch)

h 11th ExilesXI v Exiles X (Match Tied!)

a 18th Free

h 25th Craic House Contemptibles-pulled out.The Old Antelopians (Lost by 6 Wickets)



a 1st Occasionals (Won by 2 runs)

h 8th Luddites (cancelled-no opposition)

a 15th Dynamos(Won by 44 runs)

h 22nd Pretenders (Lost by 2 wickets)

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