The Exiles 1998 fixtures

19th Heavy Rollers Away (Cancelled. Rained Off)
26th Sopwith Camels Home(WON)

3rd Nuxley Away(WON)
10th The Hornets Home (LOST)
17th Rode Away (Cancelled CUP FINAL!)
24th Chelsea Nomads Home (WON).
30th Strongroom Away (WON by 4 wickets)
7th The Occasionals Home (LOST by 117 Runs)
14th Victor Trumper Memorial Xl Away(LOST by 80 runs)
21st Strongroom Home (Cancelled, no opposition)
28th The Pretenders Away (WON by 16 runs).

5th Charlbury CC Away (Drawn)
11 th Hornets Away(Cancelled)
12th Nuxley Home(Cancelled. Rained off)
19th Watermill Away(WON by 179 Runs)
26th The Old AntelopiansHome (WON by 7 wickets)

1st Oxford University Players Away(Cancelled. Rained Off)
9th West Xl Home(Lost by 2 wickets)
16th Balsham Away(Won by 95 runs)
23rd The New Barbarian Weasels Home (Cancelled. Rained Off)
30th Sopwith Camels Away(WON by 9 Wickets)

6th The Luddites Home (Lost by 15 Runs)
12th The Occasionals Away (Cancelled. Rained Off)
20th Brown Bears(formerlyVictor Trumper Memorial Xl )Home(Won by 145 Runs)

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