Gentlemen of West London v Exiles, Victoria Rec, Surbiton. August 5 2001

Jugs all round when the slaughtered are led to The Lamb!

A record-breaking day as the Exiles hand down the worse drubbing in their history to the unfortunate Gents. Three Exiles made jug-worthy contributions, Kevin Hobley with 61, Ros Atkins with 101* and Rob Anderson with Exiles' season best figures of 5 for 11. The Gents won the toss and invited The Exiles to bat. It's not clear if this was to obtain best use of the new ball and damp wicket or to ensure the visitors weren't short changed. In any event The Exiles got off to a steady start after an initial burst where runs came quickly and John Neal departed cheaply. Captain Sean O'Connor got bogged down with only a single to his name after being struck in the throat by a full length delivery that leapt almost vertically. After that his normally confident front foot play was replaced by prods and shuffles. Kevin continued to make progress at the other end and when Sean was finally put out of his misery he was joined by Ros Atkins. Ros was recently made redundant and if there are any readers out there who need a hard worker in the dotcom/journalism/NGO department then you could do worse that interview this Staknovite. He could probably move a mountain if you asked him nicely-or die in the effort. Today he set about building a century partnership with Kevin. Off the mark with a boundary, he then took a liking to fifth bowler, Sciberras, dispatching him for three sixes in an over. He soon caught up with Kevin in the forties and it looked like he might go to his fifty first. Then Kevin woke up to the threat, hogged the strike for a bit and blasted through the landmark with a flurry of boundaries before being out for 61 caught at longish mid-on by S Patel of his brother P's bowling. Potentially the most destructive Exiles partnership of Pete Watts and Ros was short lived, Pete being shot out with a shooter on two. His fifth-change fast bowling was deemed unnecessary today so a quiet game for the quiet Australian who Kevin nominated for the TFC (thanks for coming) Award. Marcus Longden (misspelt "Login" last week) tried to keep up with Ros's increasingly ambitious run-scoring but was caught by Sciberras off the bowling of S. Patel for 10. Shorrock, batting above his station at number seven, relished the opportunity to play understudy to a man on his way to a century and was happy to scamper singles, sometimes when the ball hardly left the crease. Once his eye and lungs became accustomed he even managed a few hits himself-after all it's better to rotate the strike with threes than singles. The score passed 200 which was probably enough but when the last over came the scorer pointed out that Ros was 12 short of his maiden Exiles century. Surviving being bowled off a no-ball the force was obviously with Ros. With two balls left a single to long off became a sacrificial two for Paul running to the danger end-run out by yards for a quickfire 17. Remarkably the pair had put on 51 in just five overs. Crucially Ros was back on strike needing six off the last ball. The bowler Buck obliged with a half volley no-ball that Ros deposited over the long-off boundary for the six he needed! How we cheered! A single off the last ball took him to 101 not out, one better than Kevin's 100 earlier in the season. The Exiles sitting pretty at tea on 228 for 6 from the allotted 35 overs.

Exiles innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 K Hobley Ct S. Patel D Patel 61
J Neal Bowled J Wright  5
S O'Connor Ct Irvin J Wright 1
R Atkins Not Out 101*
P Watts Bowled S Patel 2
M Longden Ct Sciberras S Patel 10
P Shorrock Run Out 17
R Coleman Not Out 0
R Anderson . . .
S Lindsay . . .
J Weir . . .
   Total 228

Gent's Bowling Analysis:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
J Wright 7 1 24 2
S Patel 7 1 23 2
Sciberras 6 0 56 0
D Patel 7 0 37 1
D Todd 7 0 45 0
 T Buck 2 0 25 0

The Gents had a "big ask" ahead of them, maybe they rushed at it a bit but the fact remains they stumbled at the first hurdle. James Weir bowling Minnas before a run was scored. Stuart Lindsay soon came to the party too with the wicket of Irvin, also for a duck. Weir then had Buck caught and bowled and shortly after D Patel parted to the same bowler gloving a gentle catch to Longden at slip. A chink of light for the Gents when Stuart had to pull out of the attack with lumbar pains, the Exiles down to 10 men and missing an opening bowler. Rob Anderson stepped up and filled his boots admirably- finishing off Stuart's over and beginning his own wonder spell from the pavilion end. Three wickets in the same over all clean bowled killed off the last serious resistance, the Gents on the canvas at 50 for 8. Paul Shorrock didn't really have the stomach for the slaughter and offered to his Captain to bowl off-spin. Sean refused, probably not wanting to insult the hosts or prolong the spectacle. Paul still managed to remove the young Faisal Culasy with some slow-medium but couldn't get a straight one past S Patel. So it remained for Rob to pick up his fifth wicket, (every one bowled) and it was everyone off to The Lamb to get the jugs in.

Gent's innings

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 M Minnas Bowled J Weir 0
J Irvin Bowled S Lindsay 0
T Buck Ct & Bowled J Weir 14
T Buck Ct Longden J Weir 2
D Patel Bowled Anderson 1
J Wright Bowled Anderson 10
S Patel Bowled Anderson 11
M Sciberras Bowled Anderson 0
F Culasy Ct P Watts P Shorrock 1
A Culasy Bowled Anderson 2
S Patel Not Out 4
   Total (all out) 61

Exiles bowling analysis:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
J Weir 7 2 25 3
S Lindsay 3.4 2 7 1
R Anderson 6.2 0 12 5
P Shorrock 3 0 12 1

PS. Ros Atkin's friend (name escapes me) came down to see him play, arrived moments after he'd completed his century and all he got to see of Ros's sporting excellence was a mis-field at fine leg. So it goes!


Next week we are at home to West XI but I'm missing the game so if anyone feels like writing a match report I'm happy to upload it.


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