Luddites v Exiles, South Bank University Ground, 19 May 2002

After a few weeks of English pre-summer weather, we were met with a bright sunny afternoon and a reasonably dry pitch which ended up playing fairly truly throughout the match. Sean and Tom opened up the batting, and some tight bowling and slow outfield resulted in the first 30 runs taking about 10 overs. Tom was judged LBW by James, which bought the 2nd left hander to the crease, Steve D, looking to carry on from the previous weeks 73(?). Not quite the same start as the previous week's 4,4,6,6 but a quick 22 all the same before being caught out at deep long on. Pete (the third lefthander in the first 4) was keen to improve on last week's duck and after a few shots not quite coming out of the middle, everything started coming back, and after a while the field started to spread and the run rate increased. Sean continued on with some solid shots and brought up a well earned 50 before being caught out on 55. Tony played a few nice cut shots before trying to cut another one off middle stump and was bowled out for 7. Steve L and Pete then tried to continue the push towards 200, both running short of breath with some 1's and 2's, with the welcomed boundaries thrown in from both ends giving them a chance to rest. A partnership of 73 resulted and with three overs left to go, Pete was out caught at mid wicket for 79, and Steve followed shortly after for 27. This brought Roric and Vinny to the crease to try and squeeze a few more runs out of the last couple of overs, the Exiles posting an imposing total of 6 for 236 off their 40 overs.

Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 S O'Connor Caught Oakley 55
T Birkert lbw Musgrave 5
S Dupreez Bowled Oakley 22
P Watts Caught Woodward 79
T Brook Bowled Dehal 7
S Little Caught Maunder 27
R Coleman Not Out 6
V Brooks Not Out 1
R Anderson
S Lindsay
J Weir
 Total 40 Overs for 6 wickets 236

Luddites bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Robinson 8 1 31 0
Musgrave 8 1 36 1
Oakley 8 0 51 2
Dehal 8 0 44 1
Woodward 7 0 59 1
Maunder 1 0 7 1

It's always easier posting a big total than chasing one, so we were pretty confident that if we are able to keep the pressure on from the start, the Luddites task was not going to be simple. James and Stuart got off us to a great start - with accurate bowling keeping the run rate down, James picking up the opening wicket and then Stuart succeeding with two LBW appeals. Rob was keen to get into the action and took a fantastic caught and bowled for the first of his three wickets. At 6 wickets down we were feeling especially confident, but with the Luddites opening bat still playing some beautiful shots and moving past 50, and a few fours coming from the other end, another wicket was needed to put the match beyond reach. Rob then got one into the pads of Musgrave, which then rolled onto the stumps with enough force to dislodge a bail. Steve D was then brought in with his left arm leggies and offies and after not being as lucky as Rob with one of his deliveries, which came off the batsman, rolled onto the stumps but didn't remove either of the bails, he then bowled a corker to get rid of Woodward for a well earned 68. He then followed up with another in his next over to finish off the innings, the Luddites out for 119. Unfortunately this meant Vinny only had a chance for one over, and didn't have the opportunity to reproduce last year's heroics at the same ground where he picked up 4 wickets.

Luddites Innings:
 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 Woodward Bowled Dupreez 68
Hummondsmith Caught R Coleman Weir 1
Maunder lbw Lindsay 4
Oakley lbw Lindsay 5
Dehal Ct & Bowled Anderson 4
Thomas Bowled Watts 5
Robinson Bowled Anderson 5
Musgrave Bowled Anderson 15
Evans Not Out 1
Taylor Bowled Dupreez 1
 Total 30.5 Overs all out 119

Exiles Bolwing Figures:
 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 J Weir 6 3 29 1
S Lindsay 8 0 23 2
R Anderson 8 0 28 3
P Watts 6 0 27 1
S Dupreez 1.5 0 1 2
V Brooks 1 0 3 0


All in all, a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon - a very nice field, sunny weather and a good victory - not much more to ask for really. (Pete Watts)


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