Exiles v New Barbarian Weasels, Honor Oak, 12 May 2002

Record total, record margin of victory sets a tough standard for the season!

Pete Milne, for one day only, an Exile again.

Another one-sided affair against the unfortunate New Barbarian Weasels saw records smashed as The Exiles, Captained by Kevin Hobley for the first time, racked up 274 for 6 in 40 overs. Doug Macintyre volunteered for the opener's slot alongside Kevin and announced his intentions in the first over with a big six over long off. The scoring rate rattled along at around seven an over and any chances that came the Weasel's way were dropped, or worse, dropped and allowed to go to the rope. Kevin fell on 30 with the first delivery by Pagan, although there was no suggestion of dark forces at work, just a wide long hop swatted to point. Kyle Holling joined his Kiwi colleague Doug and after scoring his first Exile's run the clouds lifted, metaphorically and in actuality, and between them they kept the rate up. When Doug fell on 35, Tony Brook (who turns 40 this week) continued more in the vein of the washed out Scandinavian Wanderers innings, not finding the shots to match the slow deliveries on a slow wicket. Perhaps growing frustrated he swung and missed a full toss and was gone for 5. The Weasels must have soon regretted the wicket as Steve Dupreez made a welcome return to the Exiles fold after a year back in SA. He was only drafted in at the eleventh hour, quite literally, after Effie dropped out with "wrist strain", and what a super-sub he turned out to be! A volley of sixes all round the ground, many fours and one or two catching chances saw him race to 74. Kyle was accumulating nicely at the other end too, even driving balls that had bounced twice to the cover boundary. He passed the fifty landmark too and should now be feeling confident that the duck in the first game was just a blip. Perry, a large West Indian was eventually brought into the Weasels' attack to inject some pace and bounce. The wickets of Steve and Kyle fell to catches in consecutive overs and Pete Watts fell at the first hurdle. Having manned the scorebox single handedly whilst the runs flowed he found himself walking back with a duck, having chipped an easy return catch to the bowler. He looked like a starving man who stumbles into an "eat-all-you-can" buffet, only to choke on a Twiglet! After that the South African pair, Rorick Coleman and Rob Anderson continued at a reduced rate and the mirage of 300+ evaporated. Rob was bowled off the penultimate ball, then Stuart Lindsay got a beamer on the wrist which was rightly called no-ball. The Exiles went to tea well pleased with their efforts, but probably a little disappointed they hadn't been forced to work a bit harder for the runs and knowing that only one conclusion was now likely...


Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 K Hobley Caught Pagan 30
D Macintyre Caught Dwyer 35
K Holling Caught Mortimer 56
T Brook Bowled Pagan 5
S Dupreez Caught Lynch 74
R Coleman Not Out 18
P Watts Ct. & Bowled Lynch 0
R Anderson Bowled Lynch 25
S Lindsay Not Out 0
P Milne . . .
P Shorrock . . .
 Total  40 Overs for 6 wickets 274

New Barbarian Weasels bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Owen 8 0 41 0
Lynch 8 0 59 3
Dwyer 8 0 64 1
Pagan 8 0 45 2
Perry 4 0 29 0
Mortimer 4 0 31 1

Roric Coleman and Steve Dupreez had a good day too.

...nobody told Parry that though, as he straight drove the first ball from Shorrock back over the bowler's head for four. Six off the first over saw the Weasels almost at parity, then 20 from Stuart's first over, all to Parry in fours must have given Captain Kevin Hobley at least a little food for thought. Mortimer fell to a good catch in the covers by Kyle and number three went shortly after gloving Paul Shorrock's slower ball to Roric in the gloves. Parry continued to torment Stuart with some powerful drives in the "V" off front and back foot and the Australian must have been relieved when Paul clipped his off-stump, taking the steam out of the game in the process. Pete Milne, back from Australia for one game only for the first time since 1999, came on to bowl the off breaks he has taken up since age withered his pace bowling. Adjusting to turf after a season on matting took a little while but he was soon troubling the batsman. A rash single to square leg resulted in a run out by Paul that belied his (nearly) 40 years. However a missed catch off Doug's bowling which lobbed over Paul's shoulder and he somehow lost in a clear blue sky revealed a degree of impending senility. Pete Milne shelved a caught and bowled chance when he almost collided mid-wicket with Roric the keeper, but he soon made recompense when he induced a rash shot by Pagan that Pete Watts gladly pouched to improve his day. Pete Milne's trip around the world was now worthwhile Pete Watts replaced Paul at the far end and bowled with too much pace and accuracy for the Weasels to even contemplate any meaningful assault on the massive total. Pete Watts hit Owen's middle stump, Pete Milne removed Smith, another catch by Kyle. Rob Anderson came on for a few overs that were economical and produced a wicket, bowling Cowie off his pads with a full toss. Doug made his bowling debut, grabbed two wickets and prevented Stuart getting back for a second spell and a chance to improve his analysis. He went for 33 runs in his five overs, compared to last season when in 21.4 overs he went for only 34, an economy rate of 1.57! He'll be glad to know he's unlikely to face Parry again in 2002 and I'm sure he'll be up there with the best by the end of the season. The Exiles hung around enjoying all the jugs of lager and the evening sunshine which must have sent Pete Milne off with a golden glow to sustain him in his 12,000 mile journey back to Melbourne. Good on yer, mate!

The Weasels must be congratulated for competing in good spirit although completely outplayed in all departments, they can't have enjoyed it much but their team spirit seemed intact after it all. With a smile their Captain drew a crumb of comfort from the fact that 274 wasn't the biggest total scored against them! Best of luck to them.

New Barbarian Weasels Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Perry Bowled P Shorrock 38
Mortimer Ct K Holling P Shorrock 1
Lynch Ct R Coleman P Shorrock 0
Pagan Ct Watts P Milne 3
Edgerton Run Out (Shorrock) 17
Cowie Bowled Anderson 4
Smith Ct K Holling P Milne 0
Owen Bowled P Watts 0
Blackley Bowled D Macintyre 4
Bahri Not Out 2
Dyer Bowled D Macintyre .
 Total 28.3 fall out 87

Exiles bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 P Shorrock 6 3 11 3
S Lindsay 5 0 33 0
P Milne 6 1 20 2
P Watts 6 2 7 1
D Macintyre 2.3 0 8 2
R Anderson 3 2 2 1



Next up The Luddites, should be a bit closer.


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