Exiles v New Barbarian Weasels, Honor Oak 13 May 2001

Winning contributions from the new Exiles, but old-timers play their part too.

First outing for the re-modelled Exies line-up, with a nice mix of experience and new blood, the sun shone (at last) and the pitch was finally dry enough for the seaon to begin. Exiles batted first, Sean O'Connor and Kevin Hobley together for their first parnership and progressed without real alarms for 10 overs putting on 39 before Hobley fell in the eleventh over. His 24 included a straight six and a couple of fours and he looked in better nick than Sean who looked like the new kid on the block. Jim Moffat (if I mention where he works do we all get free NIKE® footwear?) who looked awesome in the nets had not fully adjusted to the great outdoors before he played all round a straight one from Blair with a bit of nifty footwork. One to watch I feel. Founder member Tony Brook then played a keystone innings of 38, his age until his birthday tomorrow! Lots of pugnacious cuts and drives and one flat six over long-off. Sean managed to get himself run-out for a respectable 31. Quiet man John Neal added 16 to a partnership of 45 with Tony that was the central plank of the innings. The time came for more haste and less caution in the final six overs so John fell on his sword a bit with a pull shot that was completed before the ball arrived and was given out lbw to one that hit the back of his thigh on the drop. Things then got a little more frenetic with a breezy 19 from new skipper/keeper John Morgan before he was bowled through a swipe too many. Pete Watts, another who has looked punishing in the nets fell cheaply in the rush-top edging a skier that the keeper managed to pouch most of the way to fine leg. Effie then had time for one of his comic cameos, walking two, goading fielders and fellow Exiles alike and finding the boundary three times. Debutant Vic Ardern managed 2 before missing a full toss to be bowled but these things happen in the last over. Effie and Paul Shorrock managed to squeeze another seven runs from the remaining four balls. Paul's contribution being a duck, run out trying to steal a single to the keeper who had obviously recovered from the knock he took earlier in the over to under-arm the stumps from his knees. Exiles manage 170 for 9 from the 35 overs.

Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 S O'Connor Run Out 31
K Hobley lbw Blair 24
J Moffat Bowled Blair 7
T Brook Caught Owen 38
J Neal lbw Smith 16
J Morgan *+ Bowled Owen 19
P Watts Caught Keeper Lynch 1
E Usman Not Out 16
V Ardern Bowled Owen 2
P Shorrock Run Out 0
J Weir did not bat
 Total  35 Overs for 9 wickets 170

New Barbarian Weasels bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Owen  7 2 29 3
Tattersdale 7 1 28 0
Blair 7 2 14 2
Hagen 4 0 23 0
Woodhead 4 0 27 0
Priestly 1 0 10 0
Smith 3 0 12 1
Lynch 2 0 22 1

After tea John Morgan led his team out and made a reasonable fist of remembering the names of his fielders and their positions. Paul and James opened the bowling. For some reason James isn't overburdened in the self-confidence department so a wicket with his first ball-on a length clipping the off-bail must have settled his nerves somewhat. His final return of 6.2-3-6-3 would win my vote for man of the match. Between them the openers ensured The Weasels didn't get the steady start the Exiles enjoyed. Shorrock caught Woodhead lbw on the back leg taking cross-batted liberties with a straight one. Effie and Vic then bowled in tandem for a while, Effie getting his big swingers going and Vic turning his "chinamen" left-arm leg breaks. Tattersdale's left-handedness was to his advantage and he was merciless with anything short. Vic took some time to settle and seemed more relaxed once Effie had removed Tattersdale, bowled with one that moved back into him sharply. There was a brief sparkle of Weasels hope when 13 came from one Effie over if you include the byes after an expensive over from Vic but it was snuffed out like a candle once Vic managed to induce a false shot from Edgerton that Kevin Hobley took comfortably at midwicket. Effie grabbed a couple more including a caught and bowled from his spin bowling-(Effie obviously thinking that there was no need to work up a sweat at this stage). Peter Watts was brought into the attack, his short run and catapult action reminiscent of Craig White. Two wickets in his first over, both bowled and at blink-and-you-missed-it pace effectively put an end to Weasels chances. He doesn't make life too easy for John behind the stumps either and in one nasty incident John stuck out a glove only to deflect the ball at short range into Tony Brook's face. Tony went off for a couple of overs to hold some ice-pack from an Eski against it but was back for the denoument when James returned to pick up the number eleven, another clean-bowled. So a nice day in the sun to get the season underway and a gentle workout for The Exiles. No fewer than 6 players making their Exiles debut this match and everyone getting a slice of the action. Nothing now until May 27 at home to The Dynamos who should prove more of a challenge.


The New Barbarian Weasels innings:

 Batsman How Out Runs
Tattersdale Bowled  Effie Usman 21
Lynch Bowled J Weir 0
Woodhead lbw P Shorrock 3
Priestly Bowled P Watts 22
Edgerton Ct K Hobley V Ardern 4
Blair Ct T Brook  Effie Usman 6
Massey Ct & Bowled  Effie Usman 2
Owen Bowled P Watts 0
Blakey Bowled J Weir 3
Hagen Not Out 1
Smith Bowled J Weir 0
 Total All out 26.2 Overs 76

Exiles Bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
P Shorrock 5 0 11 1
J Weir 6.2 3 6 3
Effie Usman 7 1 18 3
V Ardern 4 0 26 1
P Watts 4 2 5 2

Next up The Dynamos at home in a fortnight's time.


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