Nuxley CC v Exiles CC, Footscray Rugby Club Club 15 June 2003

Low-scoring thriller sees Exiles scrape a win.

It was a scorching day , the hottest of the summer to that point. The track was hard and looked fairly even. Rob Anderson, captain for the day, lost the toss. So, predictably, we were banished to the field to bake for 40 overs. In the event, it turned out to be considerably less the 40 overs, thanks to some excellent bowling and fielding. James and Stuart opened the bowling, and both were right on the spot from the start. Runs were hard to come by, and wickets fell regularly. The pitch presented a few problems, with some balls popping and others keeping low. Guy, Stephen, and Rob continued the good work and before we knew it, Nuxley were all out for 97.

There didn't seem much point in having tea between the innings, so we carried on without a break. Rob opened with Sean, and despite usually batting further down the order, he looked the more comfortable of the two, striking the ball cleanly and firmly. As it happened, his 47 (jug avoidance? not so: he and Tony bought one after the game) was crucial because Sean, Kyle, Graeme, Stephen, Vinny, and Roric failed to make much of an impression on the tight Nuxley bowling. In fact, Stephen's golden duck gave absolutely no indication of what was to come the following week (a century)! So it was left to Tony to steady the ship. He was tentative at first, but very determined with it. When Guy strode to the crease, Exiles were seven wickets down and still a good 20 runs short. It was beginning to look like we could lose; the tension was rising. Happily, though, a partnership developed, with Tony now playing some impressive cuts and drives and Guy bravely defending his wicket with bat, pad, glove, and chest. When Guy departed there was only about five runs to get, and Stuart finished the match with a typically lusty swipe.

It's always good to have a close game, but that was one victory we nearly let slip away. The return match at home (13 July) should be interesting!

Sean O'Connor.

Nuxley innings:
 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
M Heaney Bowled S Lindsay 2
Jay Bowled S Lindsay 0
J Chandler Ct J Weir 0
R Warner Bowled J Weir 10
Thaminda Bowled S Lindsay 0
T Russell Bowled J Weir 14
S Saunders Ct Weir SD O'Connor 24
A Hudson Ct S O'Connor R Anderson 6
J Andrews Ct R Coleman SD O'Connor 13
Upali Bowled SD O'Connor 12
Hahn Not Out 3
Total  26 overs Extras 14 97 all out

Exiles Bowling:
 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
S Lindsay 5 2 8 3
J Weir 8 2 16 3
R Anderson 6 0 28 1
SD O'Connor 5 0 32 3
G Hatton 2 0 5 0


Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 S O'Connor Bowled Saunders 4
R Anderson lbw Andrews 47
K Holling bowled Warner 10
G Van Rooyen Ct Warner 0
T Brook not out 14
R Coleman Ct Warner 8
V Brooks bowled Andrews 0
SD O'Connor lbw Warner 0
G Hatton Ct Saunders 3
S Lindsay Not Out 5
J Weir , , ,
 Total 27 Overs for 8 Wickets 99

Nuxley bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Saunders 8 0 37 2
Hudson 8 1 29 0
Warner 6 1 9 4
Andrews 5 0 18 2


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