Exiles v Nuxley, Honor Oak, 14 July 2002.

Exiles Juggernaut rolls on, Nuxley roll over.

Kevin Hobley won the toss and elected to bat, then as you might expect from the man most likely to buy a jug he scored yet another fifty. Doug Macintyre his fellow opener was first man out for 7 with the score on 24. Kyle Holling didn't stick around long enough to show his stuff and was by his own admission not on the beam when he was lbw to Jones for 1. The scoring rate increased once Doug French replaced Hudson at the pavilion end, Pete Watts and Kevin profiting from his legside short of a length deliveries. Andrews bowled Pete just as it looked like we might be in for a major run feast. Kevin fell shortly afterwards lbw to Gilham, his 59 being the bedrock of the Exiles total. Tony looked solid for a while then square cut a wide one from Gilham straight at Jones in the gully who made no mistake. A mini collapse then from 86 for 2 to 97 for 5. Roric got into double figures and Steve Dupreez batting lower than usual made a respectable 27 including the only six of the game before he was bowled by Warner. Rob Anderson made six from two scoring shots and also departed bowled by Warner. James Weir played his finest Exiles innings to date full of long-legged defence and big swinging drives to make a valuable 23. Paul Shorrock completed a pair against Nuxley for the season bowled by Warner trying to get off the mark after defending solidly enough for a couple of overs. Stuart Lindsay only had time for one drive to the long-on boundary before James swashbuckling came to an end, bowled by Wilkinson in the 38th over. The Exiles had garnered 174, a sporting total but not out of reach on this ground with some short boundaries.

Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 K Hobley lbw Gilham 59
D Macintyre Bowled Jones 7
K Holling lbw Jones 1
P Watts Bowled Andrews 13
T Brook Ct Jones Gilham 5
R Coleman Bowled Gilham 11
S Dupreez Bowled Warner 27
R Anderson Bowled Warner 6
J Weir Bowled Wilkinson 23
P Shorrock Bowled Wilkinson 0
S Lindsay Not Out 4
 Total 37.1 Overs All Out 174

Nuxley bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 M Jones 6 0 14 2
A Hudson 4 1 19 0
D French 4 0 24 0
J Andrews 6 0 28 1
Gilham 5 0 28 3
Warner 7 0 30 3
 Dobson 2 0 7 0
Wilkinson 3.1 1 11 1

As in the away leg the opening bowlers were Paul Shorrock and Stuart Lindsay, both had comparatively expensive first overs but in the third over Paul removed Hahn lbw and after that runs became hard to find. Stuart got his inswing working and Shorrock got on a length and wobbled it about just outside off stump. It was all too good for the Nuxley top order. Between the fifth and twelfth overs only two runs were scored! Two wicket maidens, one a double, for Stuart meant that 3 wickets fell in the midst of that drought, all clean bowled. Stuart's dismissal of Jones must have been a body blow to Nuxley as he had been the only man to have any answers to The Exiles bowling on the damp Footscray Rd. wicket earlier in the season when he made 46 out of 68. An lbw in his first over for James Weir had Nuxley on the ropes at 24 for 5. Stuart bowled his eight overs straight off to finish with three for 10, five having come off the first over. Shorrock, bending his back in his first game as a forty-something bowled 6 overs for 9 runs, six having come in his first over. You might have expected Nuxley to realise they were way behind the run rate and play a few expansive shots but Captain Michael Heaney was at the crease and he ground out a patient 32 to be last man out in the 35th over, Nuxley still only half way home. The lower order took his lead and were in the main happy to play out time as the required rate went off the chart. After Steve Dupreez had bamboozled a couple of Nuxley batsmen with his left-arm spin and Rob Anderson contributed another miserly spell there was sufficient leeway for Kevin to give bowling opportunities to Kyle and Tony Brook. Kyle missed a caught and bowled chance that might have improved his mood but it didn't make much difference to the inevitable outcome. Doug Macintyre eventually applied the coup-de-grace pinning the Captain lbw, or maybe the umpire had seen enough. It was getting late and that jug was glistening with condensation in the bar. Nuxley spent an age in the showers but the sweaty Exiles headed straight for the window seats in the bar to bask in the golden glow settling over the old oaks. I love the smell of sweat in the evening, smells like...VICTORY!

Nuxley Innings

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
J Hahn lbw P Shorrock 5
M Jones Bowled S Lindsay 10
Warner Bowled S Lindsay 1
Saunders Bowled S Lindsay 0
Gilham lbw J Weir 0
M Heaney lbw D Macintyre 32
A Hudson Bowled S Dupreez 7
A Wilkinson Ct J Weir 2
A Dobson Ct S Dupreez 0
D French Ct T Brook R Anderson 10
J Andrews Not Out 0
 Total 35 Overs All Out 89

Exiles bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 P Shorrock 6 3 9 1
S Lindsay 8 4 10 3
J Weir 6 1 13 2
S Dupreez 4 0 10 2
R Anderson 4 2 5 1
K Holling 4 0 18 0
 D Macintyre 1.5 0 12 1
T Brook 1 0 2 0

Exiles win by 85 runs.

Exiles 7-0 for the season, can they continue the roll against The Old Antelopians in a fortnight?

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