Exiles CC v Nuxley CC, Old Tiffinians, 14 May 2006 - Won by 11 runs

The game started off late due to a Satellite navigation failure on the part of the opposition which left them a few men short. As a result the game was reduced to 35 overs a side. The weather wasn't great, with a grey overcast sky and a breezy wind.

Kev Hobley won the toss and decided to bat - a brave move considering the extra long tail that the Exiles were displaying for the fixture.

Kev and Cameron started soundly, with Cameron finding the boundary with relative ease .. and Kev moaning that they weren't bowling so short to him. Kev survived a large caught behind appeal, but luckily Grant Macdonald in his maiden appearance as an umpire showed total indifference (or simply didn't hear anything) and gave him not out. Kev and Cameron moved the scoring on nicely, reaching 84 - 0, with a flurry of boundaries despite the slow outfield.

Cameron went on to make an excellent 58 before being bowled going for another big hit. Kev followed relatively soon afterwards. Dean Parkin flattered to deceive with a quick 5 before Kit Youngtai scored the first Canadian runs for the Exiles demonstrating a bit of Caribbean flair for his 16. Unfortunately Brian, his Canadian compatriot wasn't able to become the 2nd Canadian to score runs for the Exiles... with a duck on his batting debut... however Grant demonstrating a wonderful team ethos, spared Brian's blushes by getting a golden duck on his batting debut, leaving Nick West stranded on 3 not out on the scene of his only runs of last year.

Exiles finished on 143 all out off 33.4 overs, potentially 30 runs short of the total they should have reached.


Exiles Innings:

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 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Kevin Hobley ct behind Saunders 31
Cameron Mitchell bowled Gilham 58
Dean Parkin ct behind Saunders 5
Kit Youngtai bowled French 16
Guy Hatton ct May 6
Ed McGregor ct Saunders 17
Jim Bright bowled May 3
Brian Owens bowled May 0
Vinny Brookes ct May 2
Nick West not out 3
Grant McDonald bowled Saunders 0
Extras     6
Total 33.4 overs 10 wickets 143

Nuxley bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
A. Wilkinson 7 0 47 0
T. Hudson 1 0 8 0
D. French 7 0 33 1
S. Saunders 7 1 18 4
Gilham 7 1 21 1
May 5 1 13 4

After tea and a few soggy cheese puffs... Exiles came out to bowl. Nick West opened up with a lively over and had the opener glove a difficult chance to Cameron down the leg side. Nick also had a plum LBW decision turned down by the questionable umpire.

Grant opened the bowling from the other end despite having demolished numerous cakes and a minimal warm up. He waddled in, kept a good line and was able to take the well deserved first wicket of the innings bowling the opener.

Nick and Grant kept the bowling tight and restricted the batsmen to 42 off the first 14 overs, but were not able to take any more wickets... although Dean put down a difficult chance in the gully and Vinnie was unable to pluck one out of the sky. For the next game it was suggested that Vinnie wear some platform cricket boots to boost his height a little!

Jimmy replaced Grant and opened with a couple of dubious balls, one of which appeared to bounce about 4 times on the way to the batsmen. But his length soon picked up and tempted the batsmen out of his crease and allowed Cameron to pick up a smart stumping which the dodgy umpire pondered for a while, before eventually relenting and gave him out. Jimmy then produced a superb diving catch off his own bowling, complete with a little roll and glance around for applause to get rid of Wilkinson who had put on 29.

Dean bowled a couple of lively overs, but had to come off because of a slight thigh strain, allowing Guy to take up the attack. His first over went for a few runs, but Kev had a warm feeling that Guy would be able to wangle at least one of the batsmen out and a couple of balls later did just the job ... managing to lob the batsmen with a flighty full toss which hit the top of the wickets and left the batsman wondering how the hell he managed to miss it.

Nuxley were still struggling to keep up with the scoring rate, with the Exiles keeping it very tight in the field. Brian's fielding was coming on leaps and bounds and Vinnie was literally putting his body on the line for the team showing a nice footballing touch as he threw himself in front of the ball.

Dean came back on to complete his spell and swiftly bowled Gilham. Ed, who was also suffering from injury, valiantly kept scoring to a minimum at the other end.

Exiles kept the pressure on and Nuxley needed 14 off the last over. Kev, bravely took the decision to bowl himself. Exiles fielders were on their toes determined to get the season off to a winning start. Kev put the ball right on the spot limiting Nuxley to 1 run off the first 3 balls. Nuxley's batsmen had to go for the big hit and Jimmy took a good catch in the outfield, leaving Nuxley to score 13 off one ball to win. The batsmen scrambled a quick leg bye, leaving them 11 runs short of the Exiles total.

This was a great team performance by the Exiles to beat a strong Nuxley side that got the better of us twice last year. No doubt they will be gunning for revenge in the return fixture in a couple of weeks time.

Nuxley Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
J. Hann stumped Bright 11
M. Heaney bowled McDonald 1
A. Wilkinson ct and bowled Bright 29
T. Russell bowled Hatton 16
D. French not out 38
M. Gilham bowled Parkin 10
S. Saunders ct (Bright) Hobley 10
B. May not out 0
Extras     14
Total 35 overs 6 wickets 132

Exiles bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
McDonald 7 1 21 1
West 7 2 21 0
Parkin 7 2 28 1
Bright 7 1 25 2
Hatton 3 1 17 1
McGregor 3 0 12 0
Hobley 1 0 4 1

Next week first home game at Old Tiffinians against Nuxley

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