Occasionals v Exiles, South Bank University. September 5 2001

Exiles make it a clean 3-0 sweep in a weekend of notable hat-tricks*.

Kevin Hobley being dropped by Mike Patel in the first over and going on to make 59 was the pivotal moment in this match. Leigh Clements eventually made his Exiles debut after months of emails from New Zealand but departed first ball. Paying the price for having the keenness to take the vacant openers role. Wayne Holder and Kevin then built the partnership of the game-83 runs in spite of Wayne's cracked bat. Ros Atkins upped the tempo for a while as he always does before falling to good catch in the deep off Mike Patel. His mate Ollie was more patient but stuck around and got passing support from most of the middle order apart from Tony who was still in holiday mode. Everybody got a bat, Vinny failing to get his new bat on the ball was last man out in the 40th over just after the total had passed 200. the consensus was that this should be enough on the slow pitch.

Exiles' innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 K Hobley Bowled Fenn-Wiggin 59
L Clements Bowled Reynolds 0
W Holder Bowled M Patel 23
R Atkins Ct Jez M Patel 34
Ollie Bowled Josh 33
S Little Bowled Josh 12
T Brook Ct Josh 0
R Anderson Bowled Humphries 6
Dave lbw Fenn-Wiggin 2
P Shorrock Not Out 12
V Brooks Bowled Reynolds 0
,  Extras 15  Total 200

Occasionals' Bowling Analysis:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
M Reynolds 7.3 0 31 2
C Humphries 8 0 32 1
N Fenn-Wiggin 8 0 46 2
M Patel 8 0 43 2
Josh 7 0 44 3

The Occasionals got of to a reasonably breezy start but started to fall behind the rate a bit after Ros Atkins had Betterson well caught at gully by a diving Kevin Hobley, who had early dropped a much easier chance at point. Paul Shorrock then began to frustrate Steve Sorba, beating the edge of his bat on numerous occasions before finally he edged through to Leigh Clements in the gloves. Sorba was top scorer with 24. The Exiles managed to maintain enough control for the rate required to climb inexorably. Two overs from Vincent Brooks with too many wides a six and a four through mid-wicket helped their cause but brought the return of Paul who picked up Husher's wicket. Mike Patel bristled briefly before bizarrely sweeping at a wide legside delivery from Dave the tall Australian, it hit the back of his bat and was well caught at slip by Ros Atkins. Rob Anderson got Humphries for a duck in his second spell to cheer up his analysis. The asking rate was above 10 an over when Mike Reynolds came to the crease and he swung wildly as he had to but he was bowled by Dave as the sun was setting to bring the final curtain down on the Occasionals 2001 season. The Exiles complete the unique feat of beating The Occasionals three times in a single season.


Occasionals' innings

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 S Sorba Ct Clements P Shorrock 24
Betterson Ct Hobley R Atkins 13
Josh Bowled Atkins 5
Wiles Bowled Dave 13
Husher Bowled Shorrock 3
M Patel Ct Atkins Dave 22
Raj Bowled Dave 4
Humphries Bowled Anderson 0
M Reynolds Bowled Dave 12
N Fenn-Wiggin Not Out 7
, , , ,
.  Extras 41  Total (all out) 144

Exiles bowling analysis:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
R Anderson 8 3 22 1
W Holder 3 1 13 0
P Shorrock 8 2 13 2
R Atkins 7 1 13 2
 Dave 7.3 1 30 4
Ollie 2 0 12 0

Next week it's The Luddites at home.

*The other being Michael Owen's against Germany in the famous 5-1 victory in Munich.

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