Exiles v Occasionals, Honor Oak 11 June 2000

Occasionals lose at the gallop...

A strange game in which the normally sensible and accomplished Occasionals threw away with reckless abandon. Richard Strange was out first ball, edging a catch to the keeper Roric Coleman off Waseem Khan. Rather than consolidate Doran and Patel chose to charge the guns. Waseem withdrew himself from the attack after three overs without further breakthrough and Effie was rested after a similarly brief but much more economical spell at the other end. The increased pace of Naem Khan and Paul Shorrock didn't bring any retrenchment either. The Occasionals response was to fight fire with gasoline, Doran being the first to crash and burn, clean bowled by Paul. Naem bowled short and Josh and Patel swung across the line, the former soon falling to a looping catch to Steve Dupreez at square leg. The score mounted but wickets continued to fall with regularity, Paul ripped a snorter through Raj's defence to bowl him for a duck. Naem bowled Jacobs and Stubbings (?) in quick succession. Every time he got on strike Patel had a swish and for the most part connected. When Captain Mike Reynolds came to the crease you may have expected the old campaigner to have had a look at the overs remaining and how well Patel was coping and opted to farm him the strike and survive. Instead he edged his first ball from Paul through James Booth's hands at slip for four and the second to Roric in the gloves who dropped it too. He didn't prosper for long before returning a catch to Naem. Eventually Stuart Lindsay and Faisal Ansari were brought into the attack as The Occasionals continued to spontaneously combust. Nick Fennwiggen was the victim of a run out, Faisal bagged 2 for 2, his last victim being Patel, top scorer with 32 and only 15.4 overs remaining.

Occasionals innings:

 Batsman How Out Runs
 R Strange Ct R Coleman W Khan 0
M Doran Bowled P Shorrock 13
Patel Bowled F Ansari 32
Josh Ct S Dupreez N Khan 8
Raj Bowled P Shorrock 0
Jacobs Bowled N Khan 2
Stubbings  Bowled N Khan 0
M Reynolds Ct & Bowled N Khan 9
Savage Bowled F Ansari 11
N Fennwiggen  Run Out 0
Ahmed(?)  Not Out 0

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 W Khan 3 0 18 1
E Usman 3 1 6 0
P Shorrock 6 1 21 2
N Khan 6 0 33 4
F Ansari 3.2 1 2 2
S Lindsay 3 0 15 0

The tea ladies were taken by surprise then The Exiles returned to show how to play Cricket -in-a-hurry properly. Effie Usman and Steve Dupreez opened and at least the first 28 runs off the bat came in boundaries, and extras including a heap of wides filled in the small spaces. The first three batsmen fell to catches but all made good runs. Faisal then settled down to pad out his average most effectively, if at the expense of Naem who called for a single that Faisal considered far too risky. Tony Brook then managed the briefest of innings before edging a catch to the keeper to raise Reynold's spirit a little bit. With ages left and Faisal in imperious form, hitting sixes that put Jacob out of the attack after one over and losing a ball in the process. Stuart Lindsay resisted Richard Strange's meretricious offerings until he finally gave in and swept yet another looping long hop to square leg for the winning run with only five wickets and 17.4 overs remaining! Mick Day had to do a U-turn as he was about to go home for his tea and leave the bar closed for an hour. If the Ocasionals were as spendthrift with their beer money as they were with their wickets it was worth delaying his supper for. It is always sweet to beat the Occasionals after the number of times we had come close and thrown it away in the past but now it is becoming too easy, back to back victories indeed. They left threatening a big backlash in September for the return fixture. I hope so, this was poor sport, only half a game of Cricket!


Nothing for two weeks, then The Dynamos make their debut.

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