Exiles v Pretenders CC, Honor Oak/Dulwich College, 20 July 2003

Exiles back in winning form.

Captain Kevin Hobley won the toss and had no doubts about going in to bat on a day with a few clouds about but still hot enough to keep the outfield roasting. The opening bowlers did a good job of keeping the batsmen pinned down in the first few overs. Sean O'Connor letting one from Hamish through with the score on 3. This wicket maiden appeared to motivate Kevin to hit a swift flurry of boundaries in retaliation with 21 coming off the next two Hamish overs. At the other end Kyle put his determination (and the session in the nets earlier in the day) to good use, putting together a useful partnership of 72. Roric swung his bat at the new bowler Surtees and looked set to demolish with a 4 that was a foot short of the boundary, but was undone in the next over. Steve O'Connor strode out to the crease, and that's where his striding stopped. A call and a charge from Kyle was not answered and Kyle was the one who was doing the walking. An unfortunate turn given the form that he had regained today with a top score of 41. Steve Sorba was caught behind off the last ball of a seven ball over (scorer's count) in the confusion after Heal had started to bowl the first ball of his 9th over and the bowling was resumed by Dore.With Steve Sorba and Terron Miller walking back early, it looked as if the Exiles would once again fail to bat out the overs. Mike Patel however steadied the innings with Steve, and despite another near run-out took the score over 150 and into the last few overs. Eddie didn't make an impression with the bat, but he had plans for later in the day. Mike finished on 27 and Guy swung at everything in the last few overs with little success apart from getting his knuckles to direct a head-high no-ball to the boundary. With the score on 176, Kevin appeared glad to have batted out the overs, but a little concerned at the apparent lack of bowling.

Exiles innings:
 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Kevin Hobley Ct Forrester 33
Sean O'Connor Bowled Hamish 1
Kyle Holling Run Out 41
Roric Coleman Bowled Surtees 6
SD O'Connor Bowled Hamish 32
Steve Sorba Caught Behind Dore 2
Terron Miller Caught Behind Surtees 0
Mike Patel Not Out 27
Eddie Fuller Caught Stahl 1
Guy Hatton Not Out 5
Stuart Lindsey , , ,
Total 40 0vers 9 wickets 176

Pretenders Bowling:
 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Hamish 8 2 31 2
Stahl 8 3 29 1
Heal 8 0 38 0
Forrester 4 0 21 1
Surtees 8 3 29 2
Dore 4 0 33 1

Without the usual bowling stalwarts to rely on Miller was brought on to open with Lindsay, and after letting a few stray down leg and go to the boundary he bowled a ball that nicked the outside of Sullivan's bat, and dislodged the bails before landing in wicketkeeper Sorba's gloves. Lindsay was the next to strike getting Stahl to lift one to Roric Coleman in a close catching position. Normally behind the wickets Roric had wandered in from square leg to watch proceedings from a more usual distance and took an excellent catch. Not to be outdone, behind the wickets stand-in keeper Sorba threw himself at a nick from Surtees, flicking it with his gloves before catching it cleanly on the second take.With the change of bowling Fuller came on to get opener Williams to edge one to Steve O'Connor in the slips - the first of two catches he got to Steve in the slips. Patel kept up the pressure making use of the uneven bounce and getting seemingly identical deliveries to either go through at ankle or head height. Forrester was caught outside his crease as he was backing up on the non-striker's end in an unlucky run out when a shot hit straight back off Patel's bowling was deflected by the bowler onto the stumps. A bowling change brought on Hatton who struck in his first over with the wicket of Moore into the safe hands of Holling at gully. This brought on Dore who was keen to get the Pretenders back on top. A flurry of boundaries and extras saw Hobley take off Hatton and take the ball himself as the game looked in danger of swinging away from the Exiles. Sacrificing three boundaries in his first three balls to Dore he made a crucial field change putting Coleman on the boundary. He tossed up the ball a fourth time, Dore could not resist and gave Coleman his second catch of the day. With the top scoring Dore out of the way Fuller kept up his tight bowling to take two more wickets. The roar of the crowd from the neighbouring Honor Oak match proved to be the only further disruption for the Exiles. Lindsay was brought back on early to finish off his overs, which he didn't manage to do - preferring instead to take the final wicket in the 31st over to win by 45 runs.

The early finish allowed both teams to enjoy the tight closing stages of the Honor Oak game - a pleasant a way as any to end a sunny summer Sunday. However the spirit of the game took a back seat when the post match analysis got out of hand for some members of the losing Honor Oak opponents, and sound of leather on willow was replaced by that of skull on willow. It was with the sound of police sirens on the South Circular that the last Exiles left the excited crowd.

Guy Hatton.


Pretenders Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Oliver Williams Ct SD O'Connor Fuller 25
Gerry O'Sullivan bowled Miller 13
Duncan Stahl Ct Coleman Lindsay 4
Daryn Surtees Ct Sorba Miller 8
David Forrester Run Out (Patel) 20
Dan Moore Ct Holling Hatton 0
Charlie Dore Ct Coleman Hobley 26
Luke Heal Ct SD O'Connor Fuller 0
Stephen Refan Bowled Fuller 5
Will Ct Sorba Lindsay 14
Hamish Bradman Not Out 0
 Total 31 overs all out 131



Exiles bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
S Lindsay 6 2 20 2
T Miller 7 1 27 2
M Patel 6 0 21 0
E Fuller 8 2 15 3
G Hatton 2 0 20 1
K Hobley 2 0 23 1


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