Streatham and Marlborough CC v Exiles, 17 August 2003

Time called on Exiles.

Music festivals took its toll on the Exiles team leaving 9 players to take on an unknown opposition in the form of Streatham and Marlborough. Roric's young cousin, Ross O'Connor, filled one gap and the even younger son of opposition team member De Ruyter was recruited to make up 11. With the Exiles in to bat first in this timed game Kevin and Sean set up an opening partnership of 40 before Sean's wicket fell. Kevin departed 3 overs later with his score on 30 and Terron survived an early and vociferous lbw appeal to start a healthy 61 partnership with Steve. His tally amounted to 5, which did not reflect his contribution to the partnership - selflessly indicating byes on a number of occasions when the ball ran past the wicketkeeper to the boundary. The smaller O'Connor joined the larger O'Connor in the middle and set about calling for quick singles that contrasted with Steve's string of boundaries. Unaware that he was 2 runs from his half-century Steve swung at a ball from Dowsett and was on his way back to the pavilion with what turned out to be the top score of the match. A spectacular collapse followed. Roric joined his cousin in the middle and left him there after stepping out of his crease and turning to see his wicket-keeper counterpart taking off the bails. Matt got the first of a trio of ducks and Ross out for 10. The young De Ruyter then walked out to the middle to face his father's team and was bowled first ball to put Dasandi on a hat-trick. The silence from the fielding team at this wicket showed their sympathy for the young batsman on his disbelieving way back. They made up for the silence with a deafening hat-trick appeal on the next ball, it was however to be two more balls for Dasandi to get his third wicket. Stuart and Nick realised that runs were needed and set about hitting a few boundaries before Dasandi claimed his fourth wicket with the score on 160. With only 36.4 overs bowled the Exiles batting once again failed to make it to 40 overs even though it was a timed game.

Exiles innings:
 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Kevin Hobley Ct Cruttwell 30
Sean O'Connor Bowled De Ruyter 14
SD O'Connor Bowled Dowsett 48
Terron Miller Ct Eldridge 5
Ross O'Connor ? Dasandi 9
Roric Coleman Stumped Eldridge 1
Matt Champkin Bowled Eldridge 0
Stuart Lindsey Not Out 14
De Ruyter Jnr Bowled Dasandi 0
Guy Hatton Caught behind Dasandi 0
Nick West ? Dasandi 6
extras     32
Total 36.4 0vers 10 wickets 160

Streatham And Marlborough Bowling:
 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Cruttwell 8 1 30 1
De Ruyter 8 2 21 1
Eldridge 8 1 21 3
Dowsett 7 0 41 1
Dasandi 4.4 0 11 4
Slaughter 1 0 10 0

With only 160 runs on the board and plenty of time left it would take a tight bowling attack to rescue the game.There were also a few concerns about the wide cracks in the outfield - large enough to lose a foot in and perhaps even swallow our youngest player in a chase to boundary. Champkin and Lindsay opened the bowling and it was Champkin who got Slaughter to lift one to Terron Miller. Lindsay was involved in four dismissals - clean bowling Haxton and Newsom and taking two catches as well. Runs came swiftly with the young De Ruyter being picked out by a few of the batsmen. He did provide useful information on particular batsmen's strengths - indicating when we needed to drop the field to the big hitters, and also sledging the old man when he came to the crease.Wickets fell steadily, but with each batsman making it into double figures, the home team looked comfortable. At 6.30 with 20 overs to bowl there were wickets in hand and about 2 runs an over to score. Nick West and Terron Miller were brought on to bowl. West picked up three wickets and was deserving of a fourth when a nick audible to all on the ground except the umpire was steadfastly ignored. Kevin Hobley now regretted not having borrowed the home team's umpiring earplugs for the caught behind he gave in the Exiles innings. With seven wickets down this could have provided the crucial breakthrough to wrap up the tail, but this was not to be and the home team scored the winning runs with overs to spare.

Streatham and Marlborough Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
B. Slaughter Ct Miller Champkin 14
D. Haxton bowled Lindsay 16
T. Benge Ct Lindsay Champkin 19
D. Newsom Bowled Lindsay 10
R. Lachman-Singh Ct Coleman West 15
N. Eldridge Ct Lindsay West 23
D. De Ruyter Ct Sean O'Connor West 15
Dasandi Not Out 20
M.Shaw Not Out 1
Extras     29
Total 33.1 overs 7 wickets 162



Exiles bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
M Champkin 11 1 33 2
S Lindsay 10 3 41 2
N West 7.1 - 42 3
T Miller 3 - 25 0
G Hatton 2 0 8 0


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