Exiles v Strongroom, Honor Oak. 20 June 1999

Several weeks have passed between this match and my report, two of which were spent on holiday in Corfu, so the details may be fuzzy. Therefore I will just give the bare facts and allow the game to reveal itself in in the analysis.

Exiles Innings:

 S O'Connor  Run Out 23
G Sneesby Bowled Alli 92
J Booth Caught Alli De Bauni 13
W Holder Bowled Davey 28
A Evans Caught Mellor Alli 16
S Brown Run Out 3
C Evans Not Out 20*
E Usman      
P Shorrock      
V Khatri      
S Howard      
   Extras 23  Total  222 for 6

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
M Mellor 8 4 20 0
Glover 8 1 26 0
Alli 8 1 43 2
A Horne 8 0 45 0
De Bauni 4 0 40 1
Davey D 4 0 46 1

Fall of wickets: 23-59-160-191-199-222

Another Exile fails to convert a 90 in a Strongroom game, but Guy must have been very pleased with his return to form after a patchy start to the season. A century partnership with Wayne, good acceleration through the innings culminating in some "Kluseneresque" hitting from new signing Chris Evans, another product of this website,

Stronroom's innings:

 Al bowled P Shorrock 5
Adrian Horne bowled E Usman 14
Peter bowled A Evans 61
Mark Mellor Ct C Evans W Holder 8
Omar Run Out 4
Jamie Ct P Shorrock C Evans 1
David Bowled C Evans  17
Will Not Out 30
Steve Bowled Shorrock 0
Vince Brookes Bowled Shorrock 0
  Extras 21 Total 151 in 30.3 Overs

The Strongroom manfully kept up with the big asking rate but lost wickets at crucial moments and in spite of fine batting from Peter, and some late heroics from David were never in a threatening position.


Next week: Pretenders away at our own ground! Confused?

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