Exiles CC v New Barbarian Weasels, 22 August 1999

Exiles exterminate Weasels!

The late pull-out by Guy Sneesby (cricked neck) allowed Greg Hollings to take his place in the openers slot, alongside the returning Wayne Holder, who has missed the bulk of the season with ankle and wrist injuries carried over from the football season. The two worked well together and added 50 for the first wicket at 5 an over. Greg gave an easy catch to mid-off having been dropped at square-leg just two balls previously on 23. Dominic Wood was bogged down by some slow bowling on the slow wicket and couldn't pierce the infield with his nudges and deflections. Frustrated he pulled at a ball that didn't get up and was lbw for 2. Ian Barker hit one crisp straight drive that had four written all over it until the bowler, Pocock, grasped it with both hands to end Ian's Exiles batting career in cruel style, with a duck. Stephen Brown then set about proving he is the luckiest batsman alive, especially against the Weasels, a lofted drive over cover for 2 followed by an airy waft outside off-stump set the pattern for the rest of his innings. Knit one perl one. Meanwhile Wayne was continuing to prosper at the other end, moving smoothly past his fifty. Of course Stephen was dropped a couple of times but he ploughed on his merry way adding a century partnership with Wayne before departing to good catches in consecutive overs, Wayne for 83 and Stephen for 31. Easily Wayne's best batting of the season, its good to see the founder member back in the zone showing the young pretenders how it should be done. By this time there were only 5 overs left and time for the full-on batting of Chris Evans, Faisal Ansari and Naem Khan who made lusty blows to all parts, adding 44 quick runs to take the total to a creditable 216 for 6 considering the slow outfield and long square boundaries. Tea was taken in the pavilion except by Tom McLaughlin who declined to join us, or pay his way when asked, strange man!

Exiles innings:

 Batsman  How Out Bowler Runs
Greg Hollings Ct Pocock 23
Wayne Holder Ct Cowie Newlands 83
Dominic Wood lbw Owen 2
Ian Barker Caught and bowled Pocock 0
S Brown Ct Grovesloader Kirkwood 31
Chris Evans Ct keeper Kirkwood 15
Faisal Ansari Not Out 13*
Naem Khan Not Out  13*
Tom McLaughlin  
 Waseem Khan  
 Paul Shorrock    

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Newlands 8 0 53 2
Kirkwood 7 0 33 1
Owen 8 1 28 1
Pocock 8 0 28 1
Smith 5 0 38 0
Milton 4 0 26 0

After tea The Weasels set off at a gallop to try to overtake the Exiles total. Smalldon in particular being brutal with anything pitched up. Between thumping drives and hard pulls he edged past slips and inside-edged past the static Tom McLaughlin in the gloves, (who was definitely having an off day about something). Tom's demeanour is normally chirpy and as upbeat as a Man City fan can be, but he hardly said a word to anyone all day. Ian Barker had a generous lbw decision to give him his last Exiles wicket but then pulled up with a shoulder injury that he decided not to test to destruction with a week of packing and moving furniture ahead of him before he leaves London Town for greener pastures. A dissapointingly low-key finish to his season. He has threatened to return for guest appearances, and maybe arrange a fixture against is new village team in deepest, darkest Worcestershire. I'm sure that we'll stay in touch with the aid of this website. Good Luck in your new rural lifestyle Ian! Paul Shorrock cut one back into skipper Grovesloader's off-stump, before handing over to Naem, who bowled one of his best spells all season, to bowl Smalldon for 23, and later Newlands too, for only 3 runs in 6 overs. After Smalldon organised resistance effectively ceased and a mopping-up exercise ensued as the asking rate climbed exponenetially.Waseem had a tidy spell and picked up the wicket of Boulanger, caught by Greg Hollings. Faisal was right on the money as usual, with three for 14, one a nice catch at Square leg by Waseem from a leg-stump half-volley, the other 2 clean bowled. Twin spin was used with Dominic's off-breaks and Greg's slow left arm both aided by the slope. Owen pulled Dominic straight at Faisal at shortish midwicket, he held it before knowing anything about it. Greg eventually bowled deaf-mute Kirkwood for 11 to bring the innings to a close. The Weasels had managed 83 between them, exactly what Wayne managed by himself. A strong all round performance by the Exiles, that left the Weasels bemoaning the lack of continuity in their massive 35-man squad (only three players from our previous encounter were represented here). A bunch of Exiles made use of the early finish to say their goodbye's to Ian in the bar, but most were gone before The Weasels had concluded their post-match showers and post-mortem. The end of a small era, another Exile departs, an opportunity for younger players to step in as David Graveney might say.

New Barbarian Weasels innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Bishop lbw I Barker 0
Smalldon Bowled N Khan 23
Grovesloader Bowled P Shorrock 9
Boulanger Ct G Hollings W Khan 5
Milton Bowled F Ansari 4
Pocock Ct. W Khan F Ansari 0
Cowie Not Out 4
Newlands Bowled N Khan 5
Smith Bowled F Ansari 0
Owen Ct Ansari Wood 9
Kirkwood Bowled G Hollings 11

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 P Shorrock 5 0 25 1
I Barker 2 0 6 1
W Khan 5 2 10 1
N Khan 6 4 3 2
F Ansari 5 2 14 3
G Hollings 4.2 2 9 1
 D Wood 2 0 7 1


Total 83 all out in 29.2 overs

Next week: Shottermill away.

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