Exiles v West XI, Honor Oak 12 August 2001

Exiles disappoint with the bat but triumph with the ball.

A grey day after a damp morning saw the Exiles batsmen facing West XI. Stuart Lindsay, only partly recovered from the lumbar pain that saw him pull out of his bowling spell against The Gents last week, was promoted to opening bat and acquitted himself admirably for 23 before falling to a sharp catch at square leg. Kevin Hobley made ten before giving Marcus Longden (our own super sub-on loan for the day to make up the numbers) the first of his catches. Ros Atkins failed to continue his century making form of last week and fell for a duck bowled by Hill-it can be a capricious game, Cricket! Jim Moffat finally put in a performance that his form in the nets had promised, top scoring with 38. He took a particular liking to Marcus's bowling, dispatching him for three boundaries through mid-on in a single over that the mid on fielder failed to intercept. Tony also made double figures before falling to another sharp catch at square leg. Roric scored a quick eight before he too was caught. Andy Brook went cheaply before he could unfurl his trademark howitzer lofted drives. The Exiles were wobbling a little at this stage but John Morgan carried his bat for 22 to take things towards a competitive total. Pete Watts and Effie failed to show their full potential. Effie in particular being hoist on his own petard after giving voluble advice to every batsman to play sensibly and not throw away their wicket having a big waft at a slow medium offering from Rennie and losing his middle stump-ooops! Rob has finally found himself in the opening bowlers berth at number eleven, more due to his wicket taking than his batting-which isn't bad and was better than some of his team mates as he squeezed out a few more runs for the Exiles last wicket. Rob was last man out, bowled for 9, Exiles all out for 143.

Exiles innings:
 Batsman How Out Runs
K Hobley Caught M Longden Taylor 10
S Lindsay Ct Hill 23
R Atkins Bowled Hill 0
J Moffat Bowled Laing 38
T Brook Ct Hill 10
R Coleman Ct Laing 8
A Brook Ct Rennie 1
J Morgan+ Not Out 22
P Watts Ct M Longden Rennie 1
I Usman Gorme Bowled Rennie 5
R Anderson bowled Wright 9
     Extras 12
 Total For 10 wickets 30 Overs 143

West XI Bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Taylor 7 ? 12 1
Hill 7 ? 33 3
Marcus 5 ? 41 0
Laing 6 ? 32 2
Rennie 3 ? 12 3
Wright 2 ? 31 1

What may have seemed like barely a workable total soon proved to be an unassailable mountain for West XI as stand-in opening bowlers Pete Watts and Rob Anderson tore through the upper order. Rob donated 10 no-balls to the West XI coffers, including 3 in his first over but still managed to finish with respectable figures. Marcus Longden went some way towards paying off the debt for his expensive bowling with 13. Ros Atkins was unlucky not to find the edge as he plugged away outside off stump but had no wickets to add to his no runs, there was no suggestion that he wasn't trying! Effie let a bit of slack out and bowled a bit of spin that did for top scorer Rennie (16) and Hill for a duck. Stuart Lindsay gave his back a gentle work out with a few overs of spin himself and picked up Naish's wicket lbw-nice to see those decisions being given when a team is against the wall. Roric Coleman was given a rare opportunity to ball-you are more likely to see him keeping wicket-and he didn't spurn it-grabbing the final wicket of Laing with his fourth delivery to wrap up another easy victory-West XI all out for 64. Jim Moffat's bowling debut will have to wait.

West XI innings
 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Bignell Ct Anderson 3
Taylor bowled Watts 0
Marcus Bowled Anderson 13
Wright Bowled Watts 6
Buck bowled Watts 6
Prior Bowled Anderson 1
Robinson Not Out 5
Rennie Bowled Effie Usman Gorme 16
Hill Bowled Effie Usman Gorme 0
Naish lbw Lindsay 1
Laing Ct Coleman 0
     Extras 13
 Total 21.4 Overs all out 64

Exile's bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
P Watts 5 ? 12 3
R Anderson 5 ? 25 3
R Atkins 4 ? 13 0
I Usman Gorme 5 ? 6 2
 S Lindsay 2 ? 4 1
R Coleman 0.4 - 1 1

No game now until our debut against The Royal College of Science (not to be confused with the Royal College of Surgeons) on the 26th.


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