Whalers CC v Exiles CC, Dulwich Sports Club 18 May 2003

Records tumble as Whalers sink without trace

Graeme Van Rooyen after his record 165, in a 238 opening partnership with Kyle Holling, unfortunately it won't count as a "Club Record" as Graeme has understandably chosen to take his talents to a higher level rather than join The Exiles.

The Exiles again won the toss and chose to bat on a pitch right at the edge of the square, with a 30 metre boundary on one side and about 80 metres on the other. As it turned out that was not the only lop-sided thing about this fixture. Without too much use of the crystal ball I had predicted a big score from Graeme Vam Rooyen before long, well today was the day! His 165 is a new record in an Exiles game, as was the 238 run opening partnership between him and Kyle Holling who made a 59 that paled in comparison. Much use was made of the short boundary, but sixes were also hit the long way as The Whalers' heads dropped and the bowling fell to pieces. The wicket was slow, anything pitched short sat up and begged, and Graeme didn't need asking twice. The Whalers' cause wasn't helped by some poor fielding, bad calling and dropped catches. I don't think I've seen a team's wheels come off so completely. The scoreboard defied belief, 100 in the 13th over, 150 in the 16th, 200 in the 22nd, 250 in the 30th, onward relentlessly, brushing aside the cluster of previous highest totals in the 250-260 bracket. Eventually Graeme was caught in the deep, the first of Dickenson's three wickets, giving the thinnest patina of respectability to his figures, the others are enough to make any bowler wince. Steve Du Preez, off the back of two big scores, had watched the mayhem for two hours before getting a bat at number three so it was almost inevitable that he would fall cheaply. "Fat Matt" Mc Dermot, who looks like he'd be quite an opponent on the rugby pitch, revealed himself to be a very correct batsman and allowed The Whalers no respite, joining in the feeding frenzy and powering the run rate along with more booming boundaries. The Exiles were becoming hoarse with cheering them. The Whaler's tenth man showed up when only five overs of The Exiles innings remained, the fact that he stuck around after his brain had finally crunched the very large numbers on the scoreboard showed some character at least. He replaced Steve DuPreez, who had shown himself to be the best fielder, on as sub, taking the catch to dismiss fellow Swazi Stephen O'Connor for 10. Roric continued to pile on the agony and Terron Miller who found us on the internet and dropped by to watch stepped in for the poorly Dion and managed a single not out before the whole mayhen was finally over for a whopping 354 for 5 in forty overs, an asking rate of 8.875 from the start. A "big ask" as those syntax scrambling sports commentators are wont to say.

Exiles Innings:

 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
 G Van Rooyen Ct Dickenson 165
K Holling Ct Milton 59
S Du Preez Ct Dickenson 2
M McDermott Bowled Kirkness 70
S D O'Connor Ct sub Dickenson 10
R Coleman Not Out 29*
T Miller Not Out 1
R Anderson , , ,
G Hatton , , ,
V Brooks , , ,
P Shorrock , , ,
 Total 40 overs for 5 Wickets 354

Whalers bowling figures:

 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Osgood 8 0 44 0
Milton 8 0 38 1
Clipsham 7 0 92 0
Kirkness 7 0 80 1
Dickenson 8 0 63 3
Van Der Pump 2 0 22 0

The only way to chase a total like that is to come out blazing and then up the tempo from there. From the start it was plain they didn't have the stomach for the fight, some long hops from Paul Shorrock in the first over before he found his feet were dead batted and after that he gave barely a scoring chance. The old-timer bowled his eight overs off the reel for figures from a different age. Hard to believe in the context of the mayhem that had preceded them. Rob Anderson continued his good form at the other end, revelling in the Captaincy. Between them they let the tyres down on the Whalers battle bus, which as it happens was missing an engine, and a map. After fifteen overs with the score on 30 for 2 there could be only one outcome and The Whalers treated it like an extended net, which they needed. Rob kept his powder dry, Graeme and Steve, who might have expected a bowl were not required so unlikely heroes like Terron and Kyle did the damage in the middle order taking three each. Vincent and Guy bowled too, missing out on wickets but never coming under any real pressure. Some of the Exiles fielded like millionaires with runs to burn, which in a way they were. Only Kirkness managed a decent score and when he was caught behind off Kyle for 37 the whole sorry mess was over.

Whalers innings:
 Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Van Der Pump Run Out 4
Dickenson Bowled R Anderson 5
Gibbons Ct T Miller 3
Hall Ct Coleman P Shorrock 1
Nelson Ct T Miller 3
 Bayne Ct T Miller 0
Mildon Ct K Holling 14
Kirkness Ct Coleman K Holling 37
Osgood lbw K Holling 6
Clipsham Not Out 3
absent  , , ,
Total     105 all out

Exiles Bowling:
 Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
P Shorrock 8 4 6 1
R Anderson 7 2 19 1
T Miller 4 0 23 3
V Brooks 5 0 30 0
K Holling 3.3 0 17 3
G Hatton 2 0 7 0


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